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A merchant marketplace for WINE

and spirit group buying.


Proud to be a part of


What is WINEing?

WINEing is a digital platform enabling WINE and spirits Merchants with a real time Group Buying solution.
We aim to become the 1st global Direct To Group Marketplace, empowering merchants and buyers

to sell and buy better, together.

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The Opportunity

The global off-trade wine market size is estimated at $435B.
The overwhelming majority of this market belongs to Non-Case-Buyers, who capture 85% of it.
The reality that all quantity based deals are transactionaly LIMITED to 1 buyer creates an opportunity for both merchants and buyers, who are 'commercially trapped' in individual buying experiences, instead of leveraging the economic power of groups:

Merchants- Being mostly not Tech Savy, don't /can't expose ALL quantity based deals to ALL Buyers, hence miss  out on the whole potential of Non- Case-Buyers and currently lack a Bulk Direct To Consumer enablement in various contexts
Buyers- Aren't exposed to all quantity based deals (onsite or online), Lack a fun and engaging digitalized Marketplace for groups buys.

The Solution

WINEing is a 'DTC enabler' for Merchants, taking the unit economy and 'embedding' it over groups and audiences.
It enables uploading MULTIPLE quantity-based deals in real time, inviting  individual buyers to participate and generate higher turnover:
For Merchants WINEing is a solution for Ongoing/Holiday/Premium Sales Futures; Tasting Room sales; Stores/Websites; Gamified Online / Offline sales (offline events) Holiday/Workshops, Clearing Stock.
Buyers get alerts based on interests and location, and join hands, juggle pledges, act as advertisers and get rewarded, all to enjoy case-level discounts for non-case pledges.

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Contact Us

+972 54-669-1123

5 Ha'Odem st. Tel Mond, ISRAEL

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