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What is WINEing?

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Our vision:

WINEing is a digital platform aiming to revolutionize the wine and alcohol buying and selling experience by combining group buying and crowdfunding. Our goal is to become the first global Direct-To-Group Marketplace, empowering merchants and buyers to sell and buy better, together.

Our Advantage

WINEing is a 'DTC enabler' for Merchants, who can now upload MULTIPLE quantity-based deals in real time, inviting  individual buyers to enjoy quantity discounts through joining  hands virtually with other buyers, generating higher turnover in an easy, digital mean. 

WINEing is also a Marketplace for Buyers; they get alerts based on interests and location and are exposed to Multiple deals at once, Join hands and juggle pledges, Act as advertisers and Get rewarded, all to enjoy case-level discounts for non-case pledges.

Weizman's Choice Sticker:

Weizman’s choice are my choice :) Wines I tasted and enjoyed, either alone, or with friends, with food or without it. Wines I find tasty and of quality, both in my professional standards, but also in a value for money context. These wines are wines I honestly doubt you won’t enjoy.

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